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Cut your own Nano SIM

Ever wanted know how to make a nano SIM on your own? Here is how!

As the new iPhone 5 is about to be released, I just would like to share an updated cutting template that you can use to cut your existing SIM card to fit into a new iPhone that requires a new Nano-SIM.

Just print the cutting template (use the PDF file) and try to cut your existing SIM card to the right size.

A good cutter, aStanley knife or sharp scissors should do the job.

As the new Nano SIM (aka 4FF) is slightly thinner (0,67 mm instead of 0,76 mm) than the other SIM standards, you may have to sand the back side to make the card fit into your new phone.

BTW: I absolutely make no warranties that it works for you – but trust me that this worked fine for me cutting my Mini-SIM down to a Micro-SIM.

NOTE: As both the Micro SIM and the Nano SIM only have room for 2 x 3 vertical pads on the vertical edges please make sure that the SIM your are trying to cut does not have 2 x 4 pads. Cutting through the metallic contacts would destroy your SIM card… You should be fine if your SIM looks like on the picture below.

UPDATE: I hear from two sources in the telco industry that the SIM profile for Nano-SIMs (in layman’s terms: the stuff that the operator stores on the SIM card) may not be compatible with older SIM types. Well – this is a possibility but does not necessarily mean that an old SIM wouldn’t work with an iPhone 5. Someone has to try and find out. We will keep you updated!

UPDATE 2 (21.09.2012): As the new iPhone 5 has now hit the market we can positively confirm that you can (re-)use your existing SIM. Just cut it to the right size and you’ll be fine. It also seem that minimal difference in thickness does not make a difference – the SIM tray works without a problem even without sanding off the extra 0.1 mm on the back. An Australian MVNO (amaysim.com.au) even offers the cutting as a service until they receive a batch of Nano SIMs. I guess that’s customer service at its best!

SUMMARY: Get your iPhone 5 and cut your own Nano SIM – and you’ll be fine!

Download Link for the PDF: nanosim-pdf


Video tutorial:

Note: If you want to do your own research and can digest some of the harder stuff have a look at the official standards paper labeled ETSI TS 102 221 V11.0.0 (2012-06)

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